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new....Evaluation of the Chief Executive
Marisa Guerin Ph.D

Tips on Reference Checking
The Series "H.R. Tips for Managers" by Gail Reichard Senior Consultant BDR.

What is the Change Agent Role?
Anne Kemp, published in the HR Professional in September 2001

Issues Related to the Success of Organization Planning
Reprinted from the Journal for the Personnel Association of Toronto
Vol.29, no. 8, April 1982. (Revised March 1988)

Human Resources and Managing Strategic Change
Best Practices in Strategic Human Resources Management
Bratton, David Carswell Press, Toronto, Ontario, 2001

Principles of Organizational Goal Setting

The Selection and Development of Strategic Executives

Managing Organization Behaviour
Mental Health Care Administration: A Guide for Practitioners
Rodenhauser, Paul (Ed.) University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor, MI, 1999

Organization Design